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3-D Matrix as Top 10 MedTech Solutions Provider in Europe 2019

Each year MedTech Outlook’s magazine editorial board assess and shortlist some of the most prominent medical technology solutions providers who are transforming the healthcare industry with its innovative technologies and treatments. For the year 2019, 3-D Matrix with its self-assembly peptide technology was nominated and chosen as one of the top 10 Medical Solutions Providers in Europe.

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List of top 10 MedTech solution companies in Europe:

PuraStat | Providing clear haemostatic control

PuraStat is a synthetic haemostatic material in the form of a prefilled syringe. PuraStat’s technology is made from synthetic peptides which self-assemble to a scaffold, mimicking the human extracellular matrix. The scaffold acts as a mechanical barrier to the bleeding point leading to haemostasis.

The prefilled syringe makes PuraStat easy to use and ready to use with minimal preparation. The product is transparent and does not obstruct the user’s view during surgery. It is largely composed of water and remains completely flexible once applied. Because it does not harden, it remains soft and can easily be sutured through should the need arise or used with clips.

PuraStat is indicated for haemostasis in the following situations encountered during surgery, when haemostasis by ligation or standard means is insufficient or impractical*:

  • Bleeding from small blood vessels and oozing from capillaries of the parenchyma of solid organs and surrounding tissues
  • Oozing from vascular anastomoses
  • Bleeding from small vessels and oozing from capillaries of the GI tract and surrounding tissues
  • Reduction of delayed bleeding following gastrointestinal endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) procedures in the colon

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