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Cardiac Solutions

The ability to stop and control bleeding quickly during open surgery, especially cardiac, is critically important. Managing bleeding from needle hole and suture line anastomosis can be particularly challenging and requires a reliable, fast acting haemostat.
Based on self-assembling peptide technology, 3-D Matrix has obtained CE mark approval for the surgical haemostatic agent PuraStat, which has a number of unique features that distinguish it from competitors.

Challenges During Open Cardiac Surgery

The preparation of haemostats when unexpected bleeding occurs can be very inconvenient and wastes valuable time when undertaking such a procedure.  Losing time to defrost or construct a haemostatic agent, for instance if your current one has clogged or is no longer usable, can be detrimental to the surgery and unnecessarily lengthen the procedure.

The Benefits of PuraStat®

PuraStat® is ready-to-use, prefilled syringe which requires no preparation. The synthetic hydrogel can be immediately applied to the bleeding point to provide a mechanical barrier and allow time for haemostasis. The transparency of PuraStat also ensures that visibility is maintained and does not disrupt the procedures, whilst the viscosity of the hydrogel allows PuraStat to remain usable throughout the whole procedure without it clogging the applicator or needing to be discarded after one use.

“PuraStat® did what it was supposed to do.


I’ve already used PuraStat for over 60 cardiothoracic cases and PuraStat is now a standard of care for most of my cases. PuraStat can be used safely in Ventricular Assist Device implantation. It is easily applied around the sewing ring and the aorta to quickly achieve haemostasis. Even after application of PuraStat, it doesn’t become hard, which allows you to place a suture right through the material when you need additional stitches to the site.


The efficacy of PuraStat compares favourably with other haemostatic agents (glues, flowables) and the benefits of PuraStat such as transparency, ease of use, safety and better control are indeed satisfactory.”


André R. Simon, M.D., Ph.D.

Director of the Department for Heart and Lung Transplantation and Mechanical Circulatory Support, Harefield Hospital, UK


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3-D Matrix Solutions

Endoscopic Solutions

PuraStat® fits requirements for a hemostat in endoscopy and enables precise work in a narrow space. It is inert, transparent, deliverable through endoscopic applicator, non-adhesive and not clogging.

Therapy Innovation

The ability of PuraStat® to be applied through the dedicated nozzle and also through the specially designed catheters is ideal for minimally invasive surgery. Application of PuraStat® through small incisions to internal body tissues facilitates haemostasis, at the affected area while reducing the risks associated with open surgeries.
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