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Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Solutions

Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) surgeries are particularly delicate procedures, due to the tight operating space and fragile surrounding tissues. Therefore, when bleeding occurs, it must be dealt with carefully and appropriately to avoid any healing complications or infections.
Based on self-assembling peptide technology, 3-D Matrix has obtained CE mark approval for the transparent haemostatic agent, PuraBond, which has several unique features that distinguish it from competitors.

Challenges During ENT Surgery

The management of bleeding during and following ENT surgery is highly complex, owing to the narrow, delicate operation site. The constricted location means that surgeons need a haemostat which can provide precision, whilst avoiding flooding the cavities or blocking the view of the operation site, and maintaining continuation of the surgery.


Traditional haemostats and post-operative bleeding management solutions, such as nasal packing, can also cause prolonged discomfort and pain for patients. This can lead to further complications, such as delayed bleeding, and the requirement of additional appointments, causing a relatively fast surgery to become a lengthy procedure and inconvenient for both parties.

The Benefits of PuraBond®

PuraBond® is a transparent, ready-to-use hydrogel which can be easily applied to a bleeding point, whilst allowing the surgeon to maintain visibility. The viscosity of PuraBond allows it to cover uneven surfaces and to flow into small spaces which are often difficult to reach in ENT surgeries. As PuraBond is flexible it forms a mechanical barrier, without adhering to the tissue. For these reasons, the hydrogel is highly suitable for use in Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS), Turbinectomy, Tonsillectomy, and Thyroidectomy surgeries.


PuraBond is also well accepted by the body and once applied can be left in place and is gradually reabsorbed by the body, easing the recovery process for patients, as opposed to some of the traditional haemostatic methods used for ENT.

“We were really satisfied with the result of the effective haemostasis achieved by PuraStat*. The benefits of PuraStat in this particular procedure or in general: transparency, ease of use, safe haemostasis without tissue trauma and improving patient’s comfort, alternative to nasal packing.”


Eliška Šplíchalová M.D.

Military University Hospital Prague, Czech Republic

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3-D Matrix Solutions

Endoscopic Solutions

PuraStat® fits requirements for a hemostat in endoscopy and enables precise work in a narrow space. It is inert, transparent, deliverable through endoscopic applicator, non-adhesive and not clogging.

Therapy Innovation

The ability of PuraStat® to be applied through the dedicated nozzle and also through the specially designed catheters is ideal for minimally invasive surgery. Application of PuraStat® through small incisions to internal body tissues facilitates haemostasis, at the affected area while reducing the risks associated with open surgeries.
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