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Surgical Solutions

The ability to stop and control bleeding is critically important to all surgical procedures and to the practice of medicine in general. Based on the self-assembling peptide platform technology, 3-D Matrix has obtained CE mark approval for the surgical haemostatic agent PuraStat®.

PuraStat® has a number of unique features that distinguish it from existing products.

Characteristics and advantages of PuraStat®

  • Transparency of PuraStat® maintains a clear view, increasing accuracy and allows checking the efficacy of the application
  • PuraStat® is suited for use in delicate/hard to reach areas since it is “fluid” and can flow into tiny niches and can e.g. spread well over the irregular surface of the liver
  • As PuraStat® does not disturb the site by becoming hard or sticking to tissue, the surgeon has full flexibility throughout the procedure
  • Second application of PuraStat® is possible and easy




  • Additional clips or sutures maybe placed through PuraStat®
  • Long duration of the procedure makes it difficult to use time-limited products / glues; PuraStat® can be used at the beginning, middle and end of the potential long duration of the procedure
  • It does not change in volume even after application, ensuring control and safety at the site
  • “PuraStat® works also in patients with prolonged prothrombin time”1



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3-D Matrix Solutions

Endoscopic Solutions

PuraStat® fits requirements for a hemostat in endoscopy and enables precise work in a narrow space. It is inert, transparent, deliverable through endoscopic applicator, non-adhesive and not clogging.

Therapy Innovation

The ability of PuraStat® to be applied through the dedicated nozzle and also through the specially designed catheters is ideal for minimally invasive surgery. Application of PuraStat® through small incisions to internal body tissues facilitates haemostasis, at the affected area while reducing the risks associated with open surgeries.