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Three Problems
One Clear Solution

PuraGel® is the 3 in l hydrogel solution providing unrivalled value and results. The fast-acting hydrogel aids in wound healing, adhesion prevention, and bleeding control.

Comprised of synthetic self-assembling peptides, the unique mode of action and physical properties offer the ENT surgeon a single solution to three common complications of sinus surgery. PuraGel® enables precise delivery of the ready to use, transparent hydrogel from the prefilled syringe without obscuring the surgical field.

The PuraGel® nanofiber peptides self­-assemble on contact with physiological fluid to form a synthetic matrix that mimics ECM. The matrix serves as a scaffold, forming a mechanical barrier to control minimal bleeding, and maintains moisture on exposed mucosa, aiding the natural healing process and preventing the formation of post­operative adhesions.

PuraGel® sets a new standard for product consolidation without compromising clinical performance and patient outcomes. PuraGel® is available in 2 different kit volumes to minimize waste and provide optimal value per patient.

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Due to the highly vascular nature of nasal tissue, post-operative hemostasis has always been a concern. The use of tamponade through the insertion of nasal packing is still commonly used, but may be at the expense of patient comfort. Excessive pressure caused by tamponade may also be detrimental to the outcomes of delicately performed sinus surgery.
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