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PuraGel® is 3-in-1 for ENT

Serving as a scaffold, its synthetic matrix expedites wound healing for mucosa and inhibits the formation of postoperative adhesions. It also acts as a hemostatic agent to control bleeding during and after surgery.

3-D Matrix technology uses synthetic material

Many commercially available extracellular matrices are derived from animal or human tissue, but we think there is an alternative way. A way to eliminate any risk of unwanted or undesirable components from being in our final products. Our solution is simple, we build the matrix from the ground up - starting with pure synthetic amino acids

Developing the future…

Our teams of dedicated scientists in Japan and the United States are pioneering the development of new self assembling peptides, enabling the development of new medical devices and vectors for drug delivery. 3-D Matrix has engaged in multiple collaborations with companies and academic groups and welcomes inquiries for collaborative R&D and product synergies.

Providing clear control

With evermore complex endoscopic procedures being performed the intraoperative challenges can become magnified. Ensuring accurate clip placement when the bleeding point is not easily identifiable often is problematic as your working environment shrinking and the ability to proceed being diminished. We have developed products to aide endoscopists in this and many other scenarios…

When experience is everything…

Patient experience is central to our mission of improving treatment for patients; whether it’s the outcome or process we believe that both are addressed when considering the patient experience. We are collaborating with specialists from various medical fields to ascertain how our products can be used optimally to serve both the doctor and the patient.

Whether your performing routine polypectomy or a more complex ESD procedure, bleeding represents a significant challenge. Our state of the art haemostatic agent is designed to meet your needs.


In the constantly evolving and innovating world of surgery we are dedicated to provide solution


Our ground breaking synthetic extracellular matrix is the ideal cell culture media. No matter if your wanting to promote hepatocyte progenitor cell differentiation, stem cell proliferation or in vivo analyses of tissue regeneration; PuraMatrix is for you.

Our Mission

We have a simple mission to innovate treatment options for healthcare professionals and improve outcomes for patients. We continuously work to achieve this by being focused, agile and proactive.

Solutions and Applications

Research & Development is the cornerstone of our mission to broaden treatment options and improve outcomes for patients. We focus on addressing the needs of healthcare providers, researchers, practitioners and patients to enhance treatments, conserve resources and create additional options in these fields.

Global, Agile and Local

Global, Agile and Local

Since the inceptions of 3-D Matrix as a spinoff from MIT in 2004, 3-D Matrix has grown to become leading global peptide solutions company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. With offices serving the Americas, Europe and Asia our employees together with our partners and distributor serve research scientists, healthcare providers and patients around the globe. Learn More »


3-D Matrix Support during COVID-19

A message to our customers and partners,

In this uncertain and challenging time, all of us at 3-D Matrix would like to offer our support wherever we can and express our gratitude to all healthcare professionals.

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