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Ears, Nose & Throat (ENT)

The management of bleeding during and following ENT surgery is highly complex, owing to the narrow, delicate operation site. The constricted location means that surgeons need a haemostat that can provide precision while maintaining visibility for the continuation of the surgery.

Based on self-assembling peptide technology, 3-D Matrix has obtained CE mark approval for the transparent haemostatic agent, PuraBond, which has several unique features that distinguish it from other modalities. PuraBond has also been shown to reduce readmission rates (1).


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Please note: In Spain, PuraShield is sold for use within ENT. Find out more


PuraBond is suitable for a variety of situations, including (but not limited to):

PuraBond is suitable for a variety of situations, including (but not limited to):

PuraBond is suitable for a variety of situations, including (but not limited to):

Adult Tonsillectomy
Head & Neck
Plastic Surgery

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PuraBond is indicated for haemostasis in the following situations encountered during surgery, when haemostasis by ligation or standard means is insufficient or impractical2:

  • Bleeding from small blood vessels and oozing from capillaries of the parenchyma and surrounding tissues of solid organs
  • Oozing from vascular anastomoses to native or artificial vessels, on the surface of blood vessels and surrounding tissues


1. Michaels, J., Patel, N., Kaleva, A., Bateman, L., Wakelam, O., Stephens, J. ‘Intra-Operative Purabond Haemostats: A Comparative Trial in Adult Tonsillectomy’, Poster presented at BACO 2023.
2. PuraBond IFU-009 Rev 2

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