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Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to develop innovative healthcare treatments that improve patient outcomes. We continuously work to achieve this by being focused, agile and proactive.

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Learning and sharing experiences are important. That is why each year we invite international experts to share their experiences at our events across the world. Take a look at our events page to see where we are exhibiting next or sign up to our upcoming sessions.

A Global Network

We have a global network of partners and distributors who work closely with us to ensure you safely get our products and full, high-quality support wherever you are and whenever you need it. They all believe in our products as much as we do, and can’t wait to show you how they can help you.

Where’s the data?

Like true scientists, we believe evidence is key. Our technology has been (and continues to be) validated in both clinical and laboratory applications. We always welcome collaborations with academic groups or commercial organizations to expand our R&D opportunities. Check our list of clinical studies.

Keeping in Touch

Work can keep us busy, making it is easy to miss the latest news and updates. Now, we have a newsletter that provides you with the information you need, delivered right to your inbox on a regular basis. Sign up today so you never miss the latest events or product updates.

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We work with healthcare professionals across a wide range of medical specialities.
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Data backed and driven solutions

All of our products have been tested and approved in both clinical and laboratory settings. We are constantly working with leading Healthcare Professionals to ensure that our solutions are meeting their needs, and the data speaks for itself. Check it out

Data backed and driven solutions
Global, Agile and Local

Global, Agile and Local

Since the inceptions of 3-D Matrix as a spinoff from MIT in 2004, 3-D Matrix has grown to become the leading global peptide solutions company, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. With offices serving in America, Europe and Asia, our employees together with our partners and distributors serve research healthcare providers and patients around the world. Learn More