Research & Development

Our research and development department represents a pivotal pillar within our business in achieving the company’s mission of developing cutting-edge medical devices that redefine standards and elevate patient outcomes.

The three main focus domains encompass:

Each contributes to advancing healthcare solutions.

Our core expertise lies in Self-Assembling Peptide-based hydrogels for haemostasis.

PuraStat has been used as a haemostatic agent for over 10 years across a wide range of clinical indications, including gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, and solid organ procedures, in Europe, the US, Australia, and Asia (Japan).

Leveraging our extensive experience and network of clinicians, researchers, and sales professionals, we are now focusing on expanding the indications for our products. As per our strong background in GI, we aim to further develop the use of peptides in areas such as GI mucosal healing and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Additional ongoing developments include:

  • Prevention of delayed bleeding and adhesion reduction, particularly in ENT procedures
  • Neurological haemostasis for brain and spine surgeries
  • Extending the use of our products to the paediatric population

With a team of skilled experts in research, clinical practice, quality assurance, and regulatory affairs, we are well-equipped to conduct clinical research and design control activities

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For over a decade, our self-assembling peptide technology, sold as PuraMatrix, has been employed as a scaffold for cell adhesionproliferation, and migration.

A multitude of publications have demonstrated that our peptides support the regeneration of various tissues, including mucosal epithelium, skin, bone, cartilage and nerves.

We are particularly interested in projects that focus on studying the mechanism of action of our peptides in tissue healing and the development of our products as a supportive matrix for regeneration.

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Our technology has a unique design which makes it suitable for its use as a drug and delivery system.

The arrangement of its fibers within the peptides traps molecules and allows for a controlled release over time. This makes it ideal for a wide range of substances, such as drugs, peptides, proteins, growth factors and antibodies, and for molecules with different characteristics, like molecular weight, chemical structure, and charge.

With our proven biocompatibility and existing clinical knowledge, our peptide technology can be used across multiple administration routes, including topical, subcutaneous, intra-muscular, and oral methods.

As a well-known medical device company, we aim to share our extensive peptide knowledge and clinical proficiency with partners dedicated to advancing this technology in the pharmaceutical field.

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Collaboration Opportunites

Our R&D team is always exploring new innovations and indications to expand our products to provide healthcare professionals with better services and patient outcomes. To collaborate with us, please get in touch.